Interrupted Samadhi

There was no permanent bridge over the river when I went to see Baba. Instead, there was a narrow wooden bridge, and Baba was sitting at one end of it.

It was raining heavily, yet devotees were going there to touch his feet. I remained standing in the temple and did not dare to got to him.

I prayed to the Almighty saying, "O God, bestow upon me such devotion that I might bring Baba from the bridge into the ashram."

When everyone had come back after having his darshan, I also went to him. As soon as I got there, Baba got up and said, "Who are you? You made me get up from my samadhi(a high state of blissful consciousness)."

Then he walked back to his kuti with me.

                                                                                                  -Shrimati Savitri Devi, Begumpul, Meerut