It Was Maharajji's Grace

One devotee was only one year old when his older brother died. His mother, deeply upset, took her son on a long pilgrimage.

In Jagannath Puri, she laid her small boy at the feet of the murti of Lord Jagannath and offered him to the Lord.

Years passed and she never told her husband or her son about this incident.

More than fifty years later, her son, who'd become a devotee of Maharajji, was driving his car to work, repeating the name Ram to himself while driving. Suddenly a truck sped  across the intersection and collided with his car, turning it over on its roof.

Some bystanders pulled him out of the car. He was completely unhurt, but when he saw the extent of the damage to the car, he went into minor shock. The doctors could find no physical injury.

That evening, Maharajji telephoned him from Sitapur, saying "You had an accident, but received no injury."

A few days later, Maharajji came to his home. In front of the devotee's mother Maharajji said, "You had an accident. What were you doing at the time? You were saying 'Ram Ram, Ram'!"

His mother said, "Maharajji, it's all your grace, all your blessing."

Maharajji said, "No, No, It's your blessing - your ashirbad as a mother!" The mother insisted that it was Maharajji's blessing grace.

At this point Maharajji said, "It's neither mine nor yours . It's Jagannath-Ji's. When he was one year old, you gave him to Jagannath. You put him at the Lord's feet, and said, 'This is your son.' Isn't it true?"

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