Journey - Maharajj to Ma

"Journey - Maharajj to Ma" by Manjul Joshi: excerpts coming soon.

Journey - Maharajj to Ma
by Manjul Joshi

"Neem Karoli Baba, Our Maharaj ji and Sri Ma are unique saints. Anyone who visits them without the utmost faith in them is more than likely to be disappointed with the things he will see on entering our ashrams. Here, there are no discourses by the presiding saint!

The earlier phase of Baba’s arrival in Kumaon is replete with incredible stories and the bhaktas thought that in Baba’s domain everything happened by divine fiat. He was known as an avatar and a miracle-man."

This book tries to record some important phases in the evolution of our panth, followers of Neem Karoli Baba and tries to pay tribute to the bhaktas and stalwarts who help to manage our ashrams.

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