Kehar Singh Ji

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiOnce, Kehar Singh ji went from Lucknow to Kainchi and stayed at the forest rest house near the ashram. A short while after he arrived, he came down with a fever.

In that state, he went to meet Baba and found him sitting on some pebbles by the road.

As he was bowing to touch his feet, Baba took his hand out from under his blanket and extended it to him with a piece of kalakand in it.

As Kehar Singh was in a hurry to pranaam before Baba, he took it, put it in his mouth at once, and placed his head on Baba's feet.

When he raised his head, the fever was gone. Having thus recovered, he continued talking to Baba.

A long time after this incident, Kehar Singh had a similar experience.

On 25 December 1965 he heard that Baba had arrived in Lucknow. Though he was ill with a fever, he went to the houses of many devotees in search of Baba, but he could not find him anywhere.

At last he went to a devotee's house in Chowk Bazaar and found Baba there.

As he was bowing to touch his feet, Baba extended his hand and touched Kehar Singh ji's belly with his finger. His fever left him at once, and he was able to enjoy Baba's company.