Lucknow Hanuman Temple

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiBabaji got a Hanuman temple built in no time, near Shahanshah Kothi, on the bank of the river Gomti against the wish of the then Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. The construction of a temple here was only a back-ground for his lila, according to which a magnificent temple had to be built opposite the University, where the devotees of Hanuman would come in large numbers and get their wishes fulfilled and it would also become famous in the world. A hut was also built for Babaji at the back of the temple.

When Gomti was flooded, the Uttar Pradesh government insisted that the temple be moved so that there may not be any obstacle to control the flood. Because of the temple, the flood- water caused danger to the government buildings on the other side. Babaji sent a word that "the temple will not be moved away. Gomti may carry it away if it so wishes".

Gomti carried away Babaji's hut, but Hanumanji and his temple remained firm on the ground and they are still there though the river inundated 2 or 3 times since then. The old bridge on river Gomti had worn out and the construction of a new bridge over the river began.

Then the government of U.P. offered a piece of land on road by the bridge and a sum of Rs. 25000/- for the construction of a new temple.

Babaji's lila now took a new turn. It occurred in the contractor's mind to take the sacred work of building the temple in his hand while building the bridge. Hence, taking the offer by the government and adding his own contribution to it, he got a magnificent temple built there. The temple is very much recognized today and thousands of people come to have darshan. For the ornamentation of Hanumanji and the temple, and for the adoration ceremony the devotees have to wait 9-10 minutes to get their turn.

The foreigners also come in large numbers for darshan. Along with Babaji's name the temple has become world famous as are the temples of Kainchidham, Vrindavan, Neeb Karori and Hanumangadh.

According to Babaji's wish, the priest reads the letters of devotees received from distant places, praying for something, before bed- time at night for fulfillment of their desires. There is no limit to Babaji's super mystic power.