M.D. Not D.M.

Dr Anup Kumar Saxena of Bareilly, the son of Kailash Chandra Saxena of Kiccha farm, was a student of standard VII when Maharajji visited his family's house and asked him, "What do you want to be ?"

He replied, "D.M.(district magistrate)," for his grandfather was an ICS(Indian Civil Service) officer.

Baba said, "You might become D.M. of Bombay or Calcutta but what is the use of it ? You will get a telegram from home and will not be able to reach there by the time of your parents' death. You will become a doctor. You are born to be a doctor. You will serve your parents at home and the people in general outside. You will be educated at Meerut."

The family was not at all interested in the medical profession. However, Anup Kumar succeeded in his exams and applied to go to Meerut Medical College. He did not become a D.M., but contrary to his own childhood aspirations and those of the family, he became an M.D., doctor of medicine. He opened his own clinic as prophesised by Baba and looked after his parents.