Maharajji Asks for a Car

Neem Karoli Baba MaharajjiWhile the bandhara was going on, Babaji would encourage everyone to go on with their work even if they could not find time to sit with him.

One day, Babaji asked Shukla to go to the wife of Dan Singh Bisht and ask for her car.

Shukla said, "In order that she will realize that I need the car for you and not for me, I shall have to talk to her about you and say you are here."

 Babaji then laughingly replied, "You are very intelligent, I did not think of this problem, how did you think of it ? But what is to be done now ? I have to go."

 While standing there enjoying his talk, another car arrived. There was no one else in the car and Babaji got into it and drove away. Shukla said no one had known what his problem was nor how it was solved, but he could come and go as was necessary. This was how his work went on.