A Reunion Scripted By Maharajji

Neem Karoli Baba MaharajjiWhen I returned to India in Oct 2004, it was to meet with my uncle, whom I address as Jeevan Mausaji and my aunt, Pushpa Mausiji and Siddhi Ma.

I called my mother from London to find out about the whereabouts of my uncle whom I knew little about, not having bothered to keep in touch for almost 30 years. I also requested her to let mausaji and mausiji know that I would be coming to India in October and would like to meet them.

I stopped at their place en route Kainchi from Delhi and stayed with them for a few days on my return from Kainchi. Our reunion could only have been scripted by Maharajji.

There were no questions asked about my sudden interest after so many years of indifference nor any sentimental recriminations just a big welcome into their hearts and a silent understanding of what I was experiencing.

I was embraced, hugged and loved as I hadn't ever experienced in my life, ever before. I had never experienced the kind of love my uncle and aunt showered on me....not as a daughter, not as a sibling, not as a friend...not as a wife and perhaps not even as a mother. The union woven by Maharajji belongs to a very different plane. Today, I am in constant touch with my aunt and uncle who have found a lost daughter in me. My uncle teaches me how to love and what love means in his every gesture, every concern and every action. He doesn't like talking about Maharaji very much...just saying to me...what do I need to tell you now..you are also experiencing the same leela....how does one put the experience in words ?

My aunt patiently answers all my questions about Maharajji, filling me up with all the forgotten facts about my history with Maharajji. As we huddle together in talk and prayers we are bound by the invisible thread of one consciousness woven by Maharajji...all of us ' high ' on the trip....weeping together, laughing together....silent together.

My uncle, who is almost bedridden and barely able to put down diluted soups when I am not around is boundless energy suddenly... taking charge of the entire household once again as he used to and eating the same food as served to me! As my uncle says... wahi sab karte hain, sab maharajji hain...He does everything, everything is Maharajji.

Maharajji has an ex athiest jogging to the Hanuman Chaleesa With KD's DVD Yoga of Chant prayers entered a home where no prayers had ever been said. I grew up in a home where nobody knew a single prayer and my husband is no better. In fact I had never felt the need to pray or perform rituals to remember God.

It's funny how much is stored in our unconscious memory and suddenly the sound of KD's music took me right home into the Kumaon hills, into the homes of my relatives where prayer is an integral part of life and to the maha artis I'd danced in as a little toddler in Maharajji's temple. Almost effortlessly I could recite the Hanuman Chaleesa by memory. I found the recitation of the Hanuman Chaleesa as sung by KD very healing for my lungs. I have suffered from asthma almost all my adult life and suddenly my lungs began to feel far stronger and less irritated.

The chanting and reciting the Hanuman Chaleesa was actually taking away disease and restoring vitality and health as prayers to Hanuman promise! The natural rhythmic breathing that chanting creates has had an unbelieveably restorative effect on my lungs. Today, I jog and bike and excercise as much as I can, without breaking into a wheeze, as long as I pace myself with the Hanuman Chaleesa. I have people look at me strangely as I jog or bike in the park chanting; I just smile at them.......and Maharajji!

Experiencing the restorative powers within the Hanuman Chaleesa I've begun to somewhat understand the nature of the powers concealed within ancient mantras and chanting. Each mantra, or prayer, with its unique metre and rhythmic pattern has its unique guna or quality and effect at the physical, mental and spiritual level of the sadhak. I wish all children could have teachers like Maharajji to awaken their understanding; to be taught constantly but without instructions; through direct experience and an unfolding of awareness and expanded understanding. Jai gurudev!

From Rachna Jhala, London, UK

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