Maharajji Speaking, Translation 1

Recording of Maharajji Speaking #1 - 28 minutes 56 seconds

Maharajji - Vegetable will be enough? Will it be enough? You will have to make rice and salad?

Man - I will make.

Maharajji - Prepare it at the backside. There is a burner there too. Make salad for here. Made roti?

Maharajji - you have come - two three days.

Man - Not yet.

Maharajji - Are you earning? Made money? A door was made here. When door will be made here, we will close the window. For flooring.

Man - Yes.

Maharajji - Alright. Meenakshi. Where is Meenakshi’s husband?

Man - He has not come today. He has gone to the bazaar.

Maharajji - Why? Why? Meenakshi. Very beautiful. Why? She is very clever. Where is krishna's sweetheart. At overseer's place.

oh Suzi ?

Maharajji - Did you give them quilt and blankets?

person 1 - No I didn't give.

person 2 - I gave.

Maharajji - Don't give them. They earn 500 bucks monthly. Take them back.

Man - blanket?

Maharajji - To children. She is very good.

Maa - I gave Sita.

Maharajji - What's your name? What's your name? Where has dwarka gone? Why? What?

Man - there.

Maharajji - Meenakshi. You didn't sit with me? Angry with me? Got married? No? Married? Not married? Married? Yeah? Marriage? Which temple? The goddess' Meenakshi temple? No? Did you fight?

Woman - No.

Maharajji - Now you go.

Man - Maharajji, will you drink ?

Maharajji - I just come to meet you. Small temple or big? Marriage? Ravi Khanna is getting married? Meenakshi? What did I explain you?

Woman - He is my son.

Maharajji - Alright. Then give him food. Give money to your son. Give him 50 Rupees. Give him 50.

Woman - I don't have change.

Maharajji - Give 25

Woman - I have 100.

Maharajji - Is he your son? Give him 10 less. Give him 25. Give ten.

Man - She doesn't have.

Maharajji - How much do you have?

Woman - One rupee.

Maharajji - Give him ten more. Two rupees. Ravi? He is a very good boy. What does he do?

Man - He cooks chapatis. He is a cook.

Maharajji - You are her son. You don't keep him with you?

Man - Won’t you keep him with you?

Maharajji - Will you take him with you? No? Take him with you.

Woman - Whatever you say, I will do that.

Maharajji - Mayee Maa. Mayee means?

Man - Radha.

Maharajji - Her husband hasn't got the visa? Got it? Didn't get visa?

Woman - Got it for one year.

Maharajji - You should have taken for five years. Where do you live?

Man - I am Judge, Mathura, Baba.

Maharajji - Is it a holiday today?

Man - I have taken a leave today, Baba, for your darshan.

Maharajji - Why? Get jalebees.

Man - Mother was coming for your darshan, so I brought her here.

Maharajji - Who is this?

Man - This is colonel saaheb, my brother-in-law. He had come for your darshan before too.

Man - He was in Ladakh, now he is in Kashmir.
Maharajji - Quite a few people live in Ladakh. Is this your son? Maa is a great devotee.

Man - All your blessings.

Maharajji - Mother, do you scold your son?

Woman - Now I don't scold him, you had told me not to, that's why. Earlier I used to, now I don’t.

Maharajji - Your son is a gentleman. Does he serve you? Does he serve you feed and do you eat together?

Woman - Yes, he is very good.

Maharajji - Do you sit together and eat?

Man - What will I give her. She is the one who gives me.

Maharajji - Your son is very good. How many sons do you have?

Woman - Seven, Maharaj.

Maharajji - Where are the rest?

Man - One, younger to me is in Nigeria. He is manager of State Trading Corporation. Other sons?

Man - Younger to him is an engineer in Lucknow.

Woman - Sarveshwari Prasad.

Maharajji - You don't go to visit him?

Maharajji - Your daughter-in-law is very clever.

Woman - Yes, I do go. She does not act smart with us though. She may be nasty with her servants.

Maharajji - All your sons are scared of you? The youngest is not scared of you.

Man - He has become an engineer.


Man - In Bhilai.

Maharajji - Is he not scared of you?

Woman - Yes, he is.

Maharajji - No, no. Was Ladakh a nice place ?

Man - Very nice place.

Maharajji - Pakistanis live there in the mountains.

Man - We both are very near. These days he is in Kashmir.

Maharajji -C hinese were also there in Ladakh?

Man - Chinese and Assamese both.

Maharajji - There are many lamas there. What is the name of the chief minister?

Man - Kushag Babula. Now he is no more the chief minister.

Maharajji - Maa is a great devotee. Do you do puja or not?

Woman - Yes Maharajji, a little bit.

Maharajji - Give up anger. Leave everything to God. What is the name of the boy? The eldest one.

Woman - Rameshwari Prasad

Maharajji - Second son?

Woman - Sarweshwari Prasad

Maharajji - Remember God.

Man - She does pooja, Maharajji. She does it at least once in a day, empty stomach in the morning.

Maharajji - You must do it. Will you listen to me? Won't you?

Woman - Why not Maharajji. It is not good to lose temper.

Maharajji - Your son is a gentleman.

Woman - You are praising him, then he must be good.

Maharajji - Give prasad. Give prasad to Maa first. Give prasad to Maa.

Man - Yes, I eat sweets.

Maharajji - Eat less of sweets. You can't do without sweets?

Man - Yes, I must eat sweets after meals.

Maharajji - How old are you?

Man - I am 45.

Maharajji - Take less of sweets now. He doesn't eat roti, he eats sweets.

Woman - Yes, we do eat.

Maharajji - Devotees are very honest. Very honest devotees.

Woman - Yes, we are honest.

Man - I had your darshan in Kanpur also

Maharajji - When ?

Man - in 1964.

Maharajji - Who was the judge then?

Man - that time, I was civil judge. Sehgal Saab was district judge. Yes, he was.

Maharajji - Now he is high court judge.

Man - Shashikant Verma Sahab.

Maharajji - He met me.

Man - Now it is his turn. He will retire in Oct/Nov. Kamlakant Verma was also chief justice.

Maharajji - Charan Singh was against him, in spite of that he became the chief justice.

Man - Must be annoyed because of Charan Singh. Wish to seek your blessings.

Maharajji - Everything will be alright.

Man - Need God's blessings. Yes Maharajji. It’s due time to become distt judge, seek your grace.

Maharajji - Yes, you shall be.

Man - Yes, Johri saaheb comes here.

Maharajji - Yes, he comes to me also.

Maharajji - You should take her to Dwarkadheesh.

Man - As yet, I have not taken her to Dwarkadheesh, I will take her now.

Maharajji - You have not been to Dwarkadheesh, maa?

Man - If you bless me, I will become distt judge.

Maharajji - Yes, you shall be.

Maharajji - How many judges are going?

Man - I don't know about high court. But there may be 15-16 judges in the distt court. Want your blessings to become distt judge

Maharajji - Who is a distt judge?

Man - Distt judge is the in charge of the district Mathura, Agra.

Maharajji - Distt judge hangs people? We meet here only, then we don't meet. What is your name? What do you do?

Boy - My name is Jiten.

Maharajji - What does he do? Which place does he belong to?

Man - He is a gardener.

Maharajji - Maa has become a devotee. You have to go to kanpur also. Mayee Maa. Where did you go? You were running to Kanpur? Kaali Maa. Is he your son? Where is your son?

Man - In Rajasthan.

Translation by Urvashi. Formatted by Jai Ram.