Maharajji Speaking, Translation 2

Recording of Maharajji Speaking #2 - 14 minutes 42 seconds

Maharajji - What temple are you making?

Man - Vaishnavi devi.

Man - They are Brijvasi.

Maharajji - Didn’t like it?

Man - Baba, this is sweets.

Maharajji - Want to talk to you, Mayee maa. You don’t listen to me? You listen to Dwarka? Yours?

Man - Okay.

Maharajji - What are you doing?

Man - I went out.

Maharajji - He is lying, he didn't go anywhere. He is a liar.

Man - I went to office.

Maharajji - You are lying, you are a big liar, go. All of them are rogues. Went to call CID? They will send you away. He doesn't come. They will send him also away. Mayee Maa. No desires are left in old age.

Man - Now there will be no desires, she will stay there only.

Maharajji - Sit here. What’s your name?

Woman - Mayee Maa

Maharajji - How many days did you stay in Nepal?

Woman - Three months.

Maharajji - Then what happened?

Woman - Then I went to Allahabad.

Maharajji - Do you take charas?

Woman - No, not at all.

Maharajji - Why?

Woman - It kicks my mind. I did meditation.

Maharajji - Did darshan? Radha. Do you get angry?

Woman - No.

Maharajji - Will you stay with God? With Ravi Khanna. Stay with that boy. She doesn’t talk to you?

Man - She talks to me.

Maharajji - Sita is very good. Tukaram is very clever.

Man - Did you stay at the Brahmachari’s?

Man - Stayed in a house there.

Maharajji - You stayed in a Nepali house. Was there a Nepali living in the house too? Did you meet lama?

Woman - Met many lamas.

Maharajji - Met a sanyasi? Go, or you will get bored. Mother will stay with you. You live with Meenakshi?

Man - Meenakshi and Mayee Maa and Mausi will stay together in one room.

Man - Kabir Das is asking, if needed, he will vacate the room. Should he vacate the room?

Maharajji - Yes.

Woman - Saraswati.

Maharajji - Mayee Maa is very cunning. Very cunning.

Man - Names will have to be changed?

Maharajji - Yes change the name. Passport numbers also will have to be changed? Does someone even see all this?

Man - We change all their names?

Man - It will have to be changed on the passport also.

Maharajji - You return to temple. You also return. Sita’s house is made?

Maharajji- Mayee Maa. Mayee Maa's visa is made?

Man (to woman)- You got your visa made? Got your visa?

Woman – Yes, made, but only three months visa.

Man- Yes maharajji, made but three months visa only

Maharajji- Why?

Man (to woman)- Why did you only get a three months visa?

Woman – Because they gave me three months visa this time……..(AUDIO NOT VERY CLEAR)

Man- Got visa for three months only this time.

Maharajji (to man)- Ask her to return the visa.

Man (to woman) – You also return Maa ji please.

Maharajji- Return, jao tum.

Translation by Urvashi. Formatted by Gangaram.