Many Diseases Cured

During the first week of May 1961 Kehar Singh ji was facing many problems at work. He was very worried and had lost all his motivation. He contracted a stomach disorder and grew weaker every day.

Baba came to Lucknow and on seeing Kehar Singh's condition, asked him to take a leave and get himself treated by Dr. S.P. Gupta at the Medical College in Lucknow.

Taking Baba's name, Kehar Singh told the doctor that Baba himself had sent him for treatment. The doctor, however, did not know Baba nor had he heard his name.

When Kehar Singh described the symptoms of the disease, the doctor prescribed a tonic and a medicine for dysentery for him to take for fifteen days. The medicine effected such an amazing improvement in Kehar Singh's health that he decided to continue taking them.

However, the second time they reacted adversely. His liver and kidneys were affected, and there was swelling in his hands, face, and feet. He also lost weight and began to have palpitations.

Singh ji then tried homeopathic treatment, but there was no improvement. In this state of helplesness he learned that Baba was coming to Lucknow. He went looking for him at Prem Lal's house and felt extremely weak while climbing up the stairs. He was about to bow before Baba when Baba said, "Raise your foot, raise your foot."

He raised his foot and showed it to Baba. Baba pressed his foot with his fingers as if he was examining the swelling. He did not say anything. His touch was enough.

The same homeopathic medicine worked after that, and Kehar Singh soon recovered.