Nib Karori Ashram & Maharajji's Cave

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Nib Karori Ashram and Maharajji's Cave.

Maharajji is reported to have sat here on the edge of the village of Neeb Karori, in Uttar Pradesh, as a sadhu for approximately 20 years until 1938.

The Hanuman temple here is the mandir of Hanumanji murti as made by Maharajji with His own hands.

The ashram/cave area is less than half kilometer from Lakshmandas Puri railway station where Maharajji performed the very famous lila with the train.

The best known of Maharajji's names as Neem Karoli Baba, Baba Nib Karori (Baba Neeb Karori) is derived from this place.

It was a very remote place then and even now it is off the beaten path.