No Discrimination

In an issue of Kadambini, a Hindi magazine, Dr R.K. Karoli described his own experience with Baba.

He wrote that before going to the hospital one day, he went to the house where Baba was staying. On his way he had thought of taking some bananas for Baba but could not buy any.

When he arrived, he had to wait for his turn amongst the other visitors. Meanwhile an industrialist drove up, got out of the car, and walked straight into the room to meet Baba.

Feeling that the rich and famous were receiving easy access to the saint, Dr. Karoli was very perturbed. He decided to go back to the hospital to make good use of his time.

He was about to leave when a man came up to him and asked if he was Dr. Karoli.

When he said yes, the man said that Baba was calling for him.

Asking the doctor to accompany him, the man led him to Maharaj, who said, "You have not brought bananas? Come, take these bananas as prasad. You were intending to go back. Listen, I don't discriminate between people."