On Meditation

Baba often talked about the importance of meditation, but strangely enough, he would disturb some people when they tried to meditate in front of him.

On several occasions, while Baba was busy talking to people, I took his feet in my hands and tried to meditate.

Sometimes, he moved his feet away, sometimes he started moving his toe in my palm, and at times, knowing I was unable to reply, he would ask me questions on the topic being discussed.

Baba understood all states of meditation and was aware of every individual's limited capacity for concentration.

In this context, he once said, "The mind, bound by the physical body has its own limitations. A meditative state of mind must be acquired gradually or else there is a risk of becoming insane. It is true that concentration imparts an insight that can lead to self-realisation, but for those who remember God and serve living beings, meditation and other kinds of ritual worship are not necessary. Remembering God and cultivating the seva bhav(spirit of service) are easy methods to progress on the spiritual path."