One Chela's Awareness of Who Maharajji Is

My awareness of who Maharajji was, who Maharajji is - distilled through all the dust and mirrors of my own perception - developed over time. During the many hours sitting at Maharajji's feet that September and October of 1971, he allowed me to glimpse a little of who he was.

Of course, everything was new to me, and my mind was neither overly inclined nor even able to do much analyzing of the situation.

From the first moment, Maharajji was extremely familiar with me. He seemed to know me inside and out. The relationship of guru and chela seemed to have been presumed from his side. Although much of his out manifestation was childlike, it was I who became to child. From my previous self- image as independent and self-sufficient, I was now eagerly awaiting his every word or sign of attention, as a child towards its mother.

I wanted and expected his guidance in each and every aspect of life. That transformation was more or less complete almost immediately. My whole being was in a state of bliss for those first few weeks, and there was no-one inside of me saying, "Hold a second. What's going on here ? Let's think about this before process any farther."

There was no need to, and it never happened. After twenty-two years in this body, I had finally reached my true home for the first time. Maharajji, like the father in the tale of the prodigal son, never questioned. He only loved.

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