Baba's Generosity

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiBaba was at his small ashram in Bhumiadhar when a poor man brought him milk in a clean glass with great affection.

The cloth he had used to cover the glass, however, was very dirty.

Seeing the cloth, none would have liked to drink that milk.

Nevertheless, Baba took that glass very eagerly in his hand and removing the dirty piece of cloth, drank the milk very lovingly.

The generous Baba saw the feelings of that man and ignored the unclean cloth.


A Lifelong Penance

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiOne evening in May, Baba was sitting in a chair on the lawn at Church Lane. Some families of the judges of Allahabad's High Court were sitting around him on the ground.

I was sitting alone on the other side of the lawn. Some time passed, and two men came and stood near me. One of them was dressed in a black coat, like a lawyer, and the other was in the traditional Indian dress of dhoti and kurta.

Both of them bowed to Baba in salutation, but he did not look at them. Baba continued to sit with his head bent, talking to the devotees near him.

The newcomers waited for some time in the hope that Baba would turn his eyes towards them, and eventually they sat down quietly.

The man wearing the black coat seemed to be impatient. He was signalling to the man in the dhoti-kurta to leave.

Seeing him so restless, his friend got up to attract Baba's attention and said, "Maharaj, I have come with a friend of mine. He is in trouble and wants your blessing."


About Lilas of Maharaji and Our Responsibilities

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiIt was evening time in Vrindavan as I went to take my final darshan at Maharaji's ashram, before returning to Delhi. I entered room #7, where Dharm Narayan ji, Maharaji's youngest son resides these days. Guru Dutt ji was sitting on a chair alongside Dharm Narayan ji's thakat. I had been staying at Ganga Ram/Patrick's home in the neighborhood and he had accompanied me.

Dharm Narayan-ji speaks little English (though he understands more) so we converse in Hindi. I asked if I could present a question that perhaps he could answer and I welcomed Guru Dutt-ji to also freely comment on the subject.


Replies to Unasked Questions

Maharajji and Indian DevoteesIn 1944, G. C. Ganda was posted to the head office of the State Bank of India at Kanpur. The same year on 14th November, he met Baba at the home of his colleague, Dixit ji. He says, "Baba said to me, "I shall come to your house. " He then got up and left.

I could not understand what he meant at that moment, but my brief meeting with him had such an effect on me that I followed him in my car. Maharaj's car travelled fast and I could not keep up with it. After that, I had a great desire to meet him again."


The Ghost

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiNasir Ali was a retired Sub-Inspector of Police and a long-time devotee of Maharaj.

In 1963, he came to meet Baba at the home of Suraj Narain Malhotra in Lucknow. He was eighty-four years old then.

He wanted to narrate an important event in his life to Baba.

Baba, putting his finger to his lips, gestured to him to keep quiet.

Nasir Ali was so trouble, I would fast for the whole day.

Then I would take a bath and shut myself in my room.

Sitting on the floor in the darkness, I remembered Baba and he would come and sit beside me.

I would tell him my problem and he would give me a solution.