From Gurudat Sharma

Neeb Karori Baba Maharajji"Maharaj-ji was very much in motion. Before the ashrams were built He traveled very much. And when He stayed in houses He would frequently change the room in which He resided. And even when He stayed in the same room He would often change His position where He stayed (and slept) in the room."

Maharaj-ji and Gurudat Sharma were in Bhumiadhar and they were staying at the ashram there. A group of local Ma's were in the habit of doing aarti to Maharaj-ji at the ashram each day.

But today Maharaj-ji was not at the ashram. He was with Gurudat a couple of kilometers away sitting by the side of the road.

From Usha Bahadur

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiSome people came with an objective or an attachment.

One very rich woman came to Maharaj-ji with a big box of sweets for Maharaj-ji. She wanted to take the sweets for herself and her friends outside. She held out the box to Maharaj-ji so that when he touched it the sweets would become prasad.

Maharaj-ji took the box and the woman would not let go. She held on and tried to pull them away from Maharaj-ji. But he pulled them back and then the woman pulled again. This happened again. Back and forth.

Then Maharaj-ji pulled so hard that He got the box away from the woman. Then Maharaj-ji said, "You can go now."

The woman was so sad. Maharaj-ji started to distribute the sweets, but Usha said,"Maharaj-ji, You can't do this. This woman will have a heart attack before she leaves and who will pick up her body?" So Maharaj-ji and Usha watched "as the woman left the ashram and walked to her car. When she got in the car and had driven away, only then did Maharaj-ji distribute the prasad." They laughed and laughed so much.

The Start

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiAt all times, three separate humanities. The first contains those who live within the five senses and never suspect that further senses exist. The second contains those who suspect "something" but for whom the "something" remains a theory, a myth, an unease in the blood, plausible or implausible but never confirmed. The third contains those who know, not as theory but as experience.

Perhaps within a zodiacal year, the proportions shift. At the beginning, a very few know and the merest handful suspect. All others live wholly within the mundane life. Later more suspect. Towards an Era's end, it may be that a sizeable proportion begins to suspect and press forward, milling incoherently towards confirmation.

Some 20 years ago, almost as though the sand in the hour glass of an era had begun to run out, changes emerged explosively in the social scene. Initially these seemed unconnected with any psycho-kinetic situation.