Peace In The Family

Ram Narain Sinha's parents had died, and while he treated his two young stepbrothers like his sons, both of them harbored ill feelings towards him.

In spite of the fact that there was electricity in the house, one day they quarrelled with Ram Narain's wife over a kerosene lamp.

They told her that the lamp had belonged to their father, so it was theirs. This lamp was very dear to Sinha's father, and Sinha had kept it carefully as a momento.

On his return from work, he heard about the harshness of his brothers and was deeply hurt. He gave the lamp to them.

At that very moment, Baba stepped into their house. Sinha did not know him nor had he ever seen him before, but such was the impact of Baba's presence that he bowed before him.

Baba called both boys to him and severly reprimanded them. He made them apologise and bow at the feet of their elder brother. He also made them say that they would respect him not only as their brother but also as their father.

Having restored peace to the family, Baba went outside where his devotees were waiting for him.

Sinha went outside with him and learned from the waiting devotees Baba was Nibkarori Maharaj. Sinha has been a devotee ever since.