Peace To A Restless Mind

My future wife's aunt was making the arrangements for our marriage at her house. She was very worried because she did not have enough money for it and could not find a way to solve the problem.

It is said that saints are moved by the distress of others.

The family members were devotees of Maharaj, and one day he arrived at her house. Just before he was about to go, he said to her, "Why do you worry about money? Look into that box of yours. You have kept money in it."

When Baba had gone, she thought about how he knew that she kept money in a box. She knew how much money was inside, so she was not eager to open it. She left it for a while and then thought again about the circumstances.

When she went to open the box, she was simply amazed to find it full of money. Baba's compassion moved her deeply. There was nothing more needed, and the wedding arrangements went ahead smoothly.

                                                                                     - Ramesh Chandra Pandey, Barot, Meerut