Relief From Poverty

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiRelief From Poverty Purnanand Tewari of Kainchi had a big family but no means of livelihood except for a small piece of land to cultivate. The income from it was not enough to support them, so when the children were little, the economic situation was not good.

Tewari became very sad and disappointed with his life. He decided to sell his piece of land and settled the deed with a Punjabi gentleman.

Baba came to his house in 1962 and consoled him saying, "Don't be afraid of misfortune. Dogs bark but the elephant walks on, he does not care." Tewari then decided not to sell his land.

Maharaj was moved by his poverty.

Along with the construction of the ashram, Baba had a concrete building built near Tewari's house. He got a post office opened there and a tea shop set up for Tewari. By speaking to officials, he also got a bus stop and a booking office opened near it and had Tewari appointed as its watchman.

Thus, in addition to cultivating his land, Tewari did the duties of watchman and ran his shop. As it was the only shop near the ashram, bus stop, and post office, business was good. In time his roadside shop became the main center for the collection and packaging of fruit and vegetables from that area to other markets.

Due to Baba's grace, Tewari's children were educated, and the business grew.