Repayment of a Loan

In 1973 Ravi Kumar, an army contractor in Allahabad, came to Kainchi for Baba's darshan.

He wanted to offer some items that could be used in the ashram, but he did not have enough money.

He contracted Nandlal ji, a ghee merchant in Haldwani, and told him of his problem. He asked Nandlal ji to help him and promised to repay all the costs incurred on his return to Allahabad.

Nandlal ji did not know him nor did he ask him his address, but he assured the contractor that he would soon buy everything requested and send it all to Kainchi ashram. He spent a lot of money buying the things required.

One day Baba unexpectedly sent for Nandlal ji from Haldwani and asked him why he had sent all the provisions. Nandlal ji told Baba all that had happened. Baba asked, "Do you know that man?"

When Nandlal ji replied in the negative, Baba asked him, "How will the money be collected?" Nandlal ji replied, "I have sent all the goods on the word of that gentleman. If he doesn't send the money to me, it will not bankrupt me."

Baba was pleased with his reply and said, "You did right. That man is a thorough gentleman. Had he asked you to send things costing even ten times more, he would have paid in full."

Baba's words fully assured Nandlal ji of the repayment. A month after Baba's mahasamadhi, Nandlal ji received a bank draft from that person repaying the amount in full.