Sab Ek, All One

Many times we'd be sitting with Maharajji, and he'd look at us and hold up one finger, as if he were calling us out on something. We knew that he new everything - past, present, and future - so we couldn't imagine what we were getting busted for. Was it something we did, were doing , or were going to do ? So one day someone just up and asked, "Maharajji, what does it mean when you do that ?"

By way of explanation, he looked at us intensely and held up his 'pointer' finger in front of us. Then he held up all five fingers, one by one, shook them around and held up that one finger again. He said,"Many names, many forms...sab Ek, All One."

Maharajji said,"Ram's form left this world, Krishna's form left this world, but the name stays. By reciting his name, everything is achieved." Shaking his head, he reiterated, "Everything is achieved."


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