Seasonal Fruit

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiShankar Prasad Vyas of Varanasi was sitting in his room at Kainchi ashram involved  in a discussion about fruit.

He said he had eaten all kinds of fruit, but he had not eaten a mango since his arrival. Sometime later he went into the temple area and saw Baba sitting in his room.

Baba saw him and at once said, "You didn't get mangoes to eat?"

Shankar Prasad felt petty and sat quietly by Baba. After a while a devotee arrived with a basketful of mangoes and offered it to Baba. Baba asked an attendant who was standing nearby to carry the basket to Vyas' room.

With folded hands Vyas ji humbly said, "Baba, I was talking casually about mangoes in my room. What shall I do with so many mangoes?"

He then picked up a few mangoes from the basket and raised them to to his head in reverence. Baba looked at him, smiling.