Settling a Marriage

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiShri S.S. Pawar and his wife were anxious about the marriage of their elder daughter.

One day Baba came and said,

"A boy who is an engineer has just returned from abroad. He belongs to your community. Go, talk to him."

Baba gave them all the details about the boy.

Pawar humbly said to him, "The boys who are engineers educated abroad demand much dowry and I may not be able to meet their demand."

Baba at once said, "All will be settled. You must go."

After making enquiries about the boy, Pawar spoke to the boy's parents.

It did not take much time to settle the matter, and the marriage took place without any problems. Their son-in-law became a vice president of Kirloskar India, a famous firm.