Smallpox Cured

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiOne day while Baba and some devotees were staying in Rishikesh, a rash like those seen in smallpox cases appeared all over Baba's body, though he had no fever.

Sri Ma applied Boroline to the rash, and it disappeared the next day.

She could not understand whose disease he had taken upon himself.

Baba then left Rishikesh and went to stay at his ashram in Bhumiadhar.

After a few days Sudhir Mukerjee came from Allahabad to see him. He told Baba that one of his family members had been suffering from a serious case of smallpox.

Everyone in the house had been worried and remembered Baba. The water with which Baba's feet had been washed was kept carefully in their house and was given to the patient. By Baba's grace he was cured overnight. This explained the mystery of the rash covering Baba's body.