Sri Siddhi Ma Sings a Beautiful Bhajan to Baba

When I was eight years old, I went to a neighbour's house where Baba was staying and asked him to come to my house.

He agreed, and holding the corner of his blanket, brought him home. Sri Ma and some other devotees came with him.

When prasad was offered to Baba, he said to Sri Ma, "Ma, sing a bhajan."

In her sweet voice, Sri Ma started singing :

You are without attributes Even so, you are over kind to devotees
You are desireless Yet you make this marvelous creation
You are formless Yet you are the Eternal Enlightened Being
You are the Lord of all Yet you are helpless before love
Thinking of you all the time Sages and yogis are absorbed in your contemplation
Your spirit pervades the Vedas You are the One adored
None is greater than you You are the strength of all
Having found you There is nothing more to seek
Until we find you We wander, Lost, without a haven
For those who taste the nectar of your lotus feet Even salvation is valueless
O Lord, you are truth, consciousness, and bliss Your power is eternal
Unequalled, imperceptible, auspicious, excellent O God unmanifest
Praiseworthy, you are the object of our devotion
Unconquerable, yet love attached you to your devotees
Sacred, holy, lotus-eyed You are embodied with the lotus of Lord Vishnu You are the liberator
You are One, yet you have many forms You have no beginning and no end
You are incomprehensible, unique Incarnate supreme being
You are Brahma, the creator You are Vishnu, the preserver
You are Shiva, the destroyer of this creation
Compassionate beloved One glance from you bestows everything
Your love and kindness gives us so much What can we ever give you
What is there in this universe that is ours Everything is your creation
Our obligation is eternal To you, the Source
Helper of the helpless Lord of Lords
We are immersed in the fragrant ocean of your love and compassion
You have no beginning and no end Glory to you, Immortal One
The universe worships you All praise to the controller of illusion
Vishnu, you are the perfect being
Vishnu, you are the Lord of the world Glory,
Glory to you, O Lord The Omnipresent Supreme Being
All-pervading Vishnu, you are unique Eternal Shiva, you govern the laws of maya
O Magnificent One Giver of everything that is good You show us the path of wisdom

As long as this devotional song continued, Baba sat and listened, lost in love. Tears flowed from his eyes. His hand was on the plate of food, but he did not eat even a morsel. The whole gathering was still, and celestial bliss filled the room.

(Told by Shrimati Shakuntala Sah)

-The Divine Reality