Taking on Karma

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiI purchased a dozen oranges to take to Maharajji. We arrived at the tiny temple where Maharajji was visiting and where many Indian devotees already had gathered and were crammed into his room.

As soon as our presence was made known, we were pushed to the space just in front of the wooden table on which Maharajji sat. I offered the oranges to him. There was already much fruit and some sweets on the table.

But then something happened that surprised me. Maharajji started to go at my oranges af if he had never seen food before. As each orange was opened he would grab it and eat it very rapidly. And before my eyes he consumed eight oranges. I was being fed the other four, at Maharajji's insistence, by the school principal.

Later I asked KK, a close Indian friend, about this peculiar behaviour. KK explained that Maharajji was "taking on karma" from me and that this was a technique by which he often did that. (R.D.)

The meaning of taking on karma is that a very high being such as Maharajji, can work with subtle vibratory patterns and can take from devotees patterns with which they have been stuck for this lifetime or many lifetimes. For example, such a being could take away your sorrow or your ill fortune.

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