Testing Baba

In 1957, I had my first darshan. It was in Bhowali. Maharajji was with a business man from Delhi. He went to the house of a principal and on the way back He stopped at my shop. I ran from the shop and Maharajji gave me a laddu.

The businessman did arati to Maharajji right there in the road. When he finished, Maharajji went away.

After that I saw Him again in 1960 at Bhumiadhar. Maharajji asked me to bring vegetables from Haldwani. then when GS asked me if I had made a commission I cried and went to Maharajji. Maharajji got upset with GS and said, "YOU SHOULD NOT SAY THINGS LIKE THAT."

Then to test Maharajji I brought less than was expected and, as soon as I came, Maharajji said, ""THAT'S LESS; TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT LESS."

I said, " I did on purpose to test you and I see you know everything."

Maharajji replied, "JUST DON'T TELL ANYONE."

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