Tewari's Future

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiTwo months before his Mahasamadhi, Maharaj spoke to the higher authorities of the Roadways Department and got Tewari transferred to the Roadways station in Bhowali, about eight kilometers from Kainchi.

Baba's act distressed Tewari because he did not want to leave Kainchi.

However, Baba was keeping Tewari's future welfare in mind. He did not want him to face difficulties in his absence.

Baba knew that by his transfer to a place some distance away he would not be able to manage all his business affairs, so his sons would need to take on more responsibilities.

Otherwise, with the deterioration in health suffered in old age, his life would be unhappy if he was still trying to manage everything.

Baba explained to Tewari that after he had worked in Bhowali for two months, he would be transferred back to Kainchi and would have no further fear of transfer in the future.

After Baba's Mahasamadhi, Tewari was indeed transferred back to the Kainchi bus stand. About a year after his return, the bus stand closed because it was not longer profitable, but Tewari was made a lifelong watchman of the vacated building.