The Grand Unification

It happens to rare few. It is when you meet a master who apparently does not alter any thing physically, but a chemistry develops with him and all your duality disappears.

From there on, you have a lighthouse to guide you through the rigmaroles, jerks, jolts, bumps, and grinds of life. These oddities do not break you; instead, you get seasoned, toughened and yet remain tender and caring, without collecting bitterness on life's journey.

Duality is seeing two alternatives to all actions. when his grace descends, you have no hesitation in choosing your options. Such master gives you the anchoring you call faith.

The moment he takes command of your life, you stop seeing two. Parallex is synchronized and you are hooked for good. For, he is your constant companion, consciously and unconsciously.

The physical presence of the master from then on is immaterial. He has given you the entry into the time and distance warp, and you stay connected to him whether awake or in sleep, whatever be your state of consciousness.

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