The Healing Wind of Maharajji

September 2012 I spent a day in the bazaar in the Pahar Ganj district of Delhi waiting to catch the night train for Kathgodam train station in the Nainital region and my first visit to Maharajjis ashram in Kainchi.

During that day on passing a statue shop my eyes fell on a small statue of Ganesha - it's expression very sweet I felt like buying it, but cautioned myself not to, since I'd be going on a hiking trip in the Himalayas directly after visiting Kainchi and didn't want to carry any unnecessary stuff.

That night on entering my compartment in the train bound for Kathgodam I was stunned to see the very same litlle cute figure of Ganesh sitting nicely on the small table by the window. A sadhu with long dreadlocks occupied a seat opposite from mine and as I couldn't help to pick up the statue admiring it he said 'oh you like it? It's yours.' 'Really', I asked and the old sadhu who turned out to be british having lived many decades in Nainital and who used to sit at Maharajjis Feet back in the days when he was in a body - exclaimed 'sure, I wondered why I had to buy that statue, I normally don't care to buy such things - it's for you!'
The next morning early he got out at Kathgodam station as well and he and his hindu sadhu friend - who was waiting with a car insisted to bring me with them all the way to Nainital and the Kainchi Ashram. They were extremely kind and sweet and it felt as if Maharajji himself was taking care and orchestrating the whole thing.

They told many wonderful stories from their experiences and time with Maharajji. The hindu sadhu confided: 'once Baba whispered a mantra in my ears and that mantra is so powerful it can raise any wind and control any storm'.

April 2015 I was fortunate to visit Kainchi a second time. During the week I woke up one night in the room and some ancient very, very tough childhood 'stuff' had come up and needed processing. So in my effort to accept, transform, heal, surrender I begged Maharajji 'beloved Father - this wound and all the hurt and immense anger, hatred even, all of it - it's just too much for me to handle, so please father by your grace allow me to be able to surrender it all at your Feet - to truly 'give it up' - Baba I know if you only will come and blow on my wound like a mother does to her child it will all heal - that's all you need to do - heal my heart like a mother and blow away the whole horrifying story.'

After this I fell into a deep sleep. The last days in the ashram were as always wonderful and intense full of bhajan and the elaborate chants and prayers for all of the deities in the ashram and I didn't give the ancient childhoodtrauma any more thoughts or attention.

Going back to Delhi by train from Kathgodam my seat was in an open compartment in the righthand corner by the window. I sat reading in Mr. Ram Das' book 'Be Love Now' as the train stopped in Rudrapur station a few stops after Kathgodam and a shadow fell on the bookpages which made me look up: just outside on the platform a man stood rockstill, his eyes were closed, the face was kind of a bit - well, not contorted, but concentrated and yet peaceful - the face looked definitely indian and the man could be around forty, fifty years old - his clothes were a bit shabby, trousers brown corduroy, shoes I couldn't see - the shirt was white and classic kurta style. He was looking  upwards and his left hand was touching the windowglass some 30 centimetres from where I sat and at the level of my chest. The first thought running through my mind was 'oh, this man is giving healing, the woman sitting in the seat in front of me might have commissioned him to do that' - you see, one's mind will always try to explain the unexplainable. The female passenger in the seat in front of mine looked out and saw the man and immediately dismissed him with a shrug. My guess is she took him to be just another trainstation lunatic-beggar kind of guy. But something about him made it impossible for me to look away. Healing vibrations were clearly flowing out of that hand and watching it my mind came to a halt - next my attention was being taken or led from the phenomena of the healing energy streaming in, out to the platform where a trainofficial arrived and he said something to the man (which obviously I couldn't hear, but guess he might have asked 'so what do you think you are doing here? get lost' - something to that effect - as the official might likely have taken the man to be a tramp)  - now what happened convinced my growing suspicion that I was in fact having the Darshan of my life... nothing happened - see, if the man had been a lunatic or a tramp he would have reacted in some way, either screaming at the official or there would have been some protest or fear, anger, any kind of reaction on his part as the authority figure was telling him to stop whatever he was doing and clear away... - but there was no reaction whatsoever, simply the man said a few words to the official and the official left - meanwhile I felt an unfathomable peace and quiet as if just for this brief while the Master was allowing me to share his own state - next my attention was taken back to the hand which was now fully open and the fingers spread out on the window - there was a moment of disbelief in me, because now the hand seemed impossibly much bigger than it had been before. My mind which is a very scientific one having been trained and schooled in the University of Copenhagen (am a lawyer) - couldn't believe what it saw and the thought came up 'obviously the hand had been a litlle curled up before so now it looks bigger due to the spreading of the fingers' - he removed the hand briefly from the glass and then positioned it back on the window: now there was no way to explain the phenomena away in a rational way: now the hand was very small and seemed feminine, like the hand of a mother - I noticed some wavelike moments going through the arm of the man as if he wanted me to notice how the healing energy was rolling out, by now I noticed that the healing was taking place in my own aura and on such a refined level that it was almost impossible to really feel it, it's so difficult to explain... - the energy which this man vibrated to me was so intense and yet lightweight and refined that my ordinary consciousness could only barely be there for the experience of it.

Finally he took the hand away and my attention went up again to his face, he had now turned his face directly towards me and now he pursed his lips and started blowing gently, soothingly. After a while this stopped and he turned, took a few steps and was gone.

The blowing enveloped me in such a profound peace and loving state which lasted for several days. My brain functioned well enough to be able to take care of practical stuff, travel arrangements and so on when back in Delhi, but there were no thoughts, I was kind of stunned and in a daze - and it wasn't until 2 days later when sitting in the airplane flying back to Europe that the memory of the night in Kainchi and the prayer came up and I realized that the Master had indeed heard his child calling and had miraculously fulfilled her prayer.

P. S.  the Darshan and blowing of the healing wind in my direction took place 3 and a half months ago - today it is almost impossible for me to think, remember, let alone feel back into that original trauma, it is literally as if it never happened - there is no scar even - and the person responsible for that terrible childhoodexperience died recently and was buried exactly 3 months after the healing took place - it is my feeling and belief that he died into the arms and heart of God, because if there is one thing Maharajji has taught me it is that God loves all of his children equally and unconditionally.

Sri Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram

Trina Kriya, Copenhagen - Denmark