The Marriage of Kutul's Daughter

Kutul supplied milk to Church Lane, Allahabad, where Maharaj often stayed.

Kutul had seen a boy that he wanted his daughter to marry, but he could not go ahead with the arrangements for the ceremony since he did not have the money.

One day he put his problem before Maharaj and asked him for his blessing. Baba said, "Get the marriage performed as soon as possible." In spite of his circumstances, he had faith in Baba and got the date of the marriage fixed for the first available day. The worry about the money, however, remained the same.

A few years earlier Kutul had lent many hundreds of rupees to someone who had not paid him back. The person always put off payment when Kutul tried to resolve the situation, so he was convinced that the man would never pay the money back. His situation was so bad that he could not even get a loan. Finding no other way out, he once again went to the man to ask for the money. He even shouted at him but returned empty-handed.

On the day of the marriage Kutul's relatives came to his house to help him. However, there was nothing in the house, and Kutul was very worried about what to do. Just then the man who had borrowed the money from him arrived to pay him the complete amount with interest. They arranged all the necessary things quickly, and marriage was performed.