The Old Man Will Not Die Now

Kanhaiyalal Srivastava of Allahabad was lying on his back at home, eating an unpeeled apple, when a piece of it got stuck in his windpipe.

He started to have difficulty breathing, and the more he tried to get it out, the deeper into the windpipe it went.

He was taken to Medical College Hospital, where the doctors decided to operate.

In tears members of Kanhaiyalal's family went running to Maharaj, who was staying nearby at Church Lane, and they asked him to save the old man's life.

Baba said, "The old man will not die now."

They did not believe what Baba said and were afraid of the operation.

Meanwhile Kanhaiyalal experienced a violent fit of coughing back in the hospital, and by Baba's grace the piece of apple came out.

When the members of his family arrived at the hospital, they found him cured.