The Significance Of His Command

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiMaharaj was at Church Lane when a woman from Jagati Niwas, Colonelganj, came for his darshan.

Seeing her, he said, "Are you well?" The woman who seemed to be healthy answered, "Baba, I am quite well."   He at once said, " Consult the lady Dr. Barar and complete the treatment she suggests. Don't worry about money. I shall give money. Her fee is sixteen rupees."

The woman then said, "I am healthy. I don't require any treatment."

Baba did not agree with her and said, "It is my command. Won't you carry it out? When your legs fail you, even the members of your family will not care about you."

Hearing his words, the woman got scared. She could not discuss it with her family, for she felt healthy.

As it was imperative to obey Baba, she went to see Dr. Barar without telling them. Dr. Barar checked her thoroughly and told her that because she had come early for examination, her condition could be cured with a long course of treatment.

Maharaj saved her from intense agony in the future.