Unexpected Darshan

Mahavir Singh loved the company of ascetics and saints, and he regularly attended to their needs.

One day in the early 1940s, while he was on his rounds at the Agra Cantt. railway station, he came across a bulky man of about 45 years of age. The man was wearing half of his dhoti around his waist and the remaining half covering the upper part of his body.The man spoke to Mahavir amiably, saying, "Mahavir Singh, how are you keeping now?"

Mahavir replied, I am much better." The man then asked, "How is your liver pain?" Mahavir replied, "It is a little less." The man said,"It will be alright."

Both of them began walking together.Then Mahavir Singh said,"I do not remember you."

Putting his hand gently on Mahavir's shoulder, the man said,"I am Baba Neeb Karori."

Mahavir had heard about Baba, but at that moment he felt bewildered by his closeness. I the unexpected presence of Baba, he could not think of what to say to him.

Baba said, "Let us go to your house."

They went, and since that time Mahavir Singh has always had his grace. Baba gave him darshan every moth for about six years, and Mahavir kept a takhat and blanket ready for him.