Maharajji Visit in 2018

In 2018 Babaji came to me in a dream. At that time I had read about him in Be Here Now, but didn’t feel a connection to him. I was in Hawaii on vacation with my family and went to take a nap. I started having a dream in which Babaji was lying on his side on a table (tucket) with his eyes closed. I don’t remember if he was wearing his blanket, but there was a man standing next to him. After reading ‘By His Grace’, I now know that this man was undoubtedly Dada. It was only us three present and the overall atmosphere felt like something important was being discussed between Babaji and Dada before I arrived. Then Maharaji told Dada to come get me, as I was standing maybe 10 feet away. As I approached Babaji he opened his eyes. I still get goosebumps thinking about it and get a little overwhelmed. When he opened his eyes the best way I can describe it was an incredible white light took over my entire being. The light in his eyes was so powerful, my body couldn’t handle the amount of energy being transmitted and I don’t remember what happened afterwards. I guess you could say I blacked out.

I woke up and I was happy but confused about what had happened. Some time later, I read a story about a devotee of Ramana Maharshi describing a dream remarkably similar to my own. He said sometimes saints give Diksha (initiation) through dreams. When I had the dream I was very much in the world. Women, money, partying, etc. etc. But after that dream, and over the past few years my heart has turned completely toward God. I had this dream and was in a very worldly state of mind. I am now a committed Bramacharya (celibate), meditate for several hours daily, live a mostly secluded life, have given all my money away to others etc. It is not my intention in writing this to boast, but simply to show how Babaji has been guiding my thoughts and actions. There is no way that I could have arrived at these decisions or have had the motivation to follow through with them on my own.

I often hear baba communicating with me from the void, telling me to give this person money or that person food. I used to have a good amount of money. Now i have very little, but my heart is filled to the brim every day. Words can’t describe how amazing my life has been since baba graced me in that dream. I feel he is with me always and is always protecting me. I do not worry about food or money or anything because every day Baba provides for me. I love God so much I feel He is like my best friend. Sometimes I look at a picture of Baba and just start crying because I miss him so much. And I’ve never even met him!! It doesn’t make sense how I can love someone so much that I have never seen in person, but I have no choice but to accept it.

So I ask you if you are reading this, if you feel Baba coming to you (and you must if you know his name), don’t run away!! It takes an incredible amount of good Karma to have an avatar come to you. Don’t waste it!! It is no mistake He chose you. He will ask you to do difficult tasks and put you to various tests, this I am sure of. But He will reward you with blessings more than all the gold in the world can buy!! God Bless you in your journey and Jai Ram, Jai Hanuman, and Jaya Jagadish Hare!!!

Best Regards,