Who Knows His Ways ?

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiWell, I was staying in Kainchi. I went to Maharajji and said, "Now I have to go. It is my fruit season and I have to be there. Otherwise I will incur a great loss."

I am a worldly man, you know. My fruit must be picked and sent off to Bombay and such places.

Every day I remained in Kainchi, it was getting riper and would be too ripe to send away.

Maharajji said, "No, no you will stay here. You will go tomorrow."

Fifteen days passed in this way. Then, finally, Maharajji said, "Tomorrow I will send you. Be sure about it."

So the next day I came here and the fruit was all overripe. I thought, "Well, Maharajji has given me a loss."

All the fruit was overripe and I could only send it off to the local markets at Kanpur or Allahabad - not to Bombay, where we got better prices.

And what happened?

There was a great slump in the market! Those people who had sent their fruits to Bombay, Calcutta, or Madras couldn't even make up the freight charges!

And I, who had sent my fruit to local markets, got more than my expectations. I had been so very much annoyed with this Maharajji who had unnecessarily detained me in Kainchi.

Who knows his works?

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