In honor of Baba Neem Karoli Maharajji and his devoted servant Jai Ram Ransom we celebrate this website, which has been online for 20 years. Day after day and year after, Jai Ram persevered when others might give up. Through hacks, crashes, and rebuilds he weathered it all. He was fastidious about insuring Maharajji’s website maintained the newest technology and the information remained accurate. This was his sadhna.

The recent downtime “Is Maharajji’s lila,” as Jai Ram would say. Due to circumstances beyond our control, the name, had to change to It is important to continue the seva begun by Jai Ram in 1999. Maharajji and his satsang can still celebrate Jai Ram’s legacy of love and devotion.

Jai Sita Ram,
Guru Bhai

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