Baba's Darshan (Feb 1965)

By the virtue of my becoming Vice-Principal of Govt. Training College I had to work a lot. I was feeling slight restlessness that day. I wished to go home soon and that is why I took permission from the Principal to leave even before the closure of the institution. I got a rickshaw and started towards my house at 3 PM. As soon as my rickshaw reached Indian Press Crossing I saw Maharaj Ji partially covered with blanket going in a car occupying the front seat and putting his arms on the left window of the car. It was very cold day and I had come to college with my warm socks and shoes. When I got his darshan on the crossing I put off my shoes and socks so that I may touch his feet without any delay caused due to this. When I reached home I saw Dada standing in the verandah. I came into the verandah and asked Dada "Did Maharajji come here?"

Dada said 'No'.

Then I said I have seen Maharaj Ji on Indian Press Crossing just now and that is why I have got my shoes and socks off so that I may offer my Pranams immediately after reaching home.

This was his greatness that he gave his Darshan to me when I was feeling quite restless and nervous.