Hanuman Chalisa

by Tulsidas (translation by Ramdas Lamb)

With pollen of the Guru’s lotus feet, I cleanse the mirror of my heart,
and sing the pure virtues of Lord Raghuvir, the bestower of life’s four fruits.
Knowing this body to be lacking in wisdom, I meditate on the Wind God’s son.
Give me strength, wisdom, and intelligence, remove my faults and afflictions.

1. Hail Hanuman, ocean of wisdom and virtue,
awakener of three worlds, Monkey Lord Hail to you.

2. Unmatched in power, messenger of Ram,
Anjani’s offspring, the Wind God’s son.

3. Valiant Mahavir, with body like lightning,
dispeller of ignorance, inspires good thinking.

4. Golden colored body, clothing so fair,
with rings in your ears, and very curly hair.

5. Lightning bolt in one hand, banner in the other,
sacred grass thread worn across your shoulder.

6. Avatar of Shiva, Kesari’s delighter,
your radiant glory adored the world over.

7. Storehouse of knowledge, virtuous and clever,
absorbed in Ram’s work, tiring never.

8. Ever immersed in the stories of Sri Ram,
you’re present in the heart of Sita, Ram, Lakshman.

9. Donning a minute form, you appeared to Sita,
then in giant form you burned down Lanka.

10. Mightily destroying demons everyone,
ever fulfilling the work of Lord Ram.

11. Bringing sacred herb to revive Lakshman,
you received a joyous embrace from mighty Sri Ram.

12. Raghupati lovingly extolled your merit,
saying, “You’re as dear to me as brother Bharat.”

13. It would take a thousand mouths to sing your praise.
Saying so Lord Ram held you in his embrace.

14. Sanaka, all sages, and even Lord Brahma,
Narada, Sarada, along with Ahisha.

15. Yama, Kubera and others try to praise you.
How can a poet ever hope to describe you?

16. Doing for Sugriva a very great thing,
you brought Ram to him who made him a king.

17. Vibhishan listened closely to your word,
became Lord of Lanka, known throughout the world.

18. Traveling many miles you went to the sun,
thinking it a fruit to eat when you were young.

19. Holding in your mouth Lord Ram’s precious ring,
you sailed across the sea which is not at all surprising.

20. Difficult work wherever it may be.
By your kind blessings is done so easily.

21. At the door of Ram you are the guardsman.
No one can enter without your permission.

22. All joy is gained by those in your shelter.
What is there to fear when you are protector?

23. Such is your power only you can handle.
Hearing your roar the three worlds tremble.

24. Ghosts and evil spirits can never come near,
to one who repeats the name of Mahavir.

25. All illness is dispelled and suffering is gone,
by constant repetition of thy name, Hanuman.

26. By Hanuman’s grace from all troubles freed,
for those who remember you in thought, word, & deed.

27. Greatest of all is Ascetic King Ram,
all of whose works you have easily done.

28. Whoever comes to you with any desire,
receives the highest fruit of eternal nectar.

29. In all four ages your glory is sung.
Your fame enlightens the whole of creation.

30. For Saints and Sages, you are protector,
beloved of Ram, demon’s destroyer.

31. You can bestow all perfections and power.
The boon was given you by Janaki Mother.

32. You know the essence of devotion to Ram.
In his service you will ever remain.

33. By devotion to you the Lord is attained.
Freedom from lifetimes of suffering is gained.

34. At the time of death the Lord’s abode is won.
Any rebirth will be of pure devotion.

35. Remembering any other deity is needless.
Devotion to Hanuman brings all joy and bliss.

36. Sufferings are dispelled, rebirth cycle cut,
for those who remember almighty Hanumat.

37. Lord of my senses, Hanuman hail to you!
Bestow thy grace as does the Guru.

38. For those who sing this one hundred times,
all bonds are broken, the highest joy they find.

39. For those who read the Hanuman Chalisa,
perfection is attained, the witness is Shiva.

40. Tulsidas, eternal servant of the Lord, prays,
"Please make my heart, O Lord, into thy abode."

Son of the Wind God, dispeller of distress, most auspicious in form,
with Sita, Ram, and Lakshman, please make my heart into your home.

[Translation by Ramdas Lamb at Neem Karoli Baba's request, in Vrindavan 1971.
Last edit by Ramdas Lamb on June 1, 2021]

In 1971, Maharajji had requested a Westerner by the name Ramdas Lamb to translate the Tulsidas' Hanuman Chalisa into English. Ramdas had lived in India for several years and during that time he learned to speak fluent Hindi so he was able to talk with Maharajji without a translator. Ramdas recalls: “One day, I brought along a small book that had a commentary on the Hanuman Chalisa and asked Maharaj-ji to write in it for me. He wrote ‘Ram Ram’ in Devanagari and then said to me, ’Translate it so they can understand.’”

Ramdas Lamb approached his task with the idea of reflecting Tulsidas - who wrote in verse and in a way that it can be sung in almost any melody. Ramdas wanted the translation to carry the spirit of Tulsidas rather than make his own version. He completed the work in about a month and made the translation available to Maharajji's Satsang in Vrindavan. Several minor edits have been made since 1971 and the most current version as on June 1, 2021 can be found on this page and in a PDF.

Ramdas Lamb, Ph.D. has been a Professor of Religion at the University of Hawaii since 1991. For more interesting details about Dr. Lamb, you can listen to an interview from 2019.

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