Exam Results

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiMy cousin had seen Baba many times and had heard talk of his lila every day at home. He was worried after taking his high school exam and thought that he should visit Baba to know of his results before they were released. He went to Kainchi ashram and told Baba about his concern. Like a child, Baba at once said, "You will fail."

The way he spoke was convincing enough, but the boy could not persuade himself to accept the truth of the words. Realising that it was an utterance of a saint, he was even more worried. He thought about it for days, and finally, presuming that Baba would have forgotten what he said, the boy went back to Kainchi to ask him the same question again. This time Baba said straightaway, "You will pass." The reply pleased the boy, but the thought that Baba had initially said "fail" and then "pass" put him in a quandary.

After a gap of several days he went to Kainchi again and asked the same question for the third time.

This time Baba said "fail". Hearing the word "fail" twice from Baba, the boy became sad.

Baba said to his devotees, "Even the wisest have not been able to fathom me, how can this boy do so?"

The boy failed. His name was published for a supplementary exam, and he got through.

                                                                                                                       - Rajida