Exam Results

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiMy cousin had seen Baba many times and had heard talk of his lila every day at home. He was worried after taking his high school exam and thought that he should visit Baba to know of his results before they were released. He went to Kainchi ashram and told Baba about his concern. Like a child, Baba at once said, "You will fail."

The way he spoke was convincing enough, but the boy could not persuade himself to accept the truth of the words. Realising that it was an utterance of a saint, he was even more worried. He thought about it for days, and finally, presuming that Baba would have forgotten what he said, the boy went back to Kainchi to ask him the same question again. This time Baba said straightaway, "You will pass." The reply pleased the boy, but the thought that Baba had initially said "fail" and then "pass" put him in a quandary.

Peace And Comfort Beyond Imagination

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiOne day in Kainchi, Maharajji asked for puris and vegetables to be prepared throughout the night. Nobody understood the purpose of Baba's order since there was no festival at the ashram. Nevertheless, many hundreds of kilos of puris were fried.

The next day prasad was distributed as usual and much of the food remained. The workers were worried that such a large quantity of food would go waste.

Towards evening a bus went out of control because of some mechanical defect and collided with the parapet of the road just outside the ashram. Its front wheels slipped onto a steep slope, and the bus came to rest in such a way that it blocked the traffic on both sides. About one hundred and fifty buses were stranded. Darkness soon fell on the Kainchi valley, and there seemed to be no way out of the situation. In those days there were no shops in the village except for a small tea stall.

He Knew Everyone

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiA couple came into the room while I was sitting with Maharaj at Churchlane in Allahabad. Glancing at Baba, the man looked around the room for a chair to sit on. Not seeing one, he sat on the floor with great difficulty.

He completely forgot to pay his respects to Baba or to greet him, but his wife touched Baba's feet with great devotion.

Baba asked the man, "What name?"

The man thought for a while and replied, "Baba, you would not be able to know me by name."

He had hardly finished his sentence when Baba all of a sudden asked, "How is your aunt from Park Road, Allahabad, feeling now?"

Testing Maharaj

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiWe were having tea with a dentist at Indra Pharmacy in Nainital when we learned that Maharaj had arrived in Bhumiadhar. The dentist proposed that we go and give Maharaj a test.

He prepared some questions concerning turiyayastha (one of the highest states of samadhi in which the individual self merges with the universal self), and we took a bus to Bhumiadhar.

Baba usually ignored people who came to test him, and we were also treated with a befitting indifference. Since Baba's room was full of devotees and visitors, we did not find any room inside to sit.

We offered pranaam to him from the door and sitting on the shoes that lay scattered outside, had his darshan from there. Baba looked at us  once. Without saying anything to us, he asked one of his devotees to read out of the Yogavashistha. The devotee opened the book at random and started reading from that page.

Roadside Darshan

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiKainchi was on my bus route, so I had seen the construction of the temple and ashram.

There was always a crowd of devotees there, and I always drove past. I never went to have Baba's darshan because I could not leave the bus.

The Bhumiadhar temple had been constructed earlier and was also on my route.

One day, while I was driving to Ganai via Bhumiadhar, I saw a large crowd along the way and heard that Baba Nibkarori was there.

I could not stop to have his darshan for the same reason. I consoled myself, thinking that highly enlightened saints are the images of God, therefor if Baba was an enlightened soul, he would know my feelings and give me darshan on his own.

The very next morning, while I was driving past the ashram on my way back to Bareilly, Baba was standing alone at a turn in the road as if he had been waiting for me.

I immediately stopped, got off the bus, and did pranaam to him.