Goings-On at Kainchi

At Kainchi he had this simple little room, which we used to call his 'office'. There was a window with shutters on the inside that he could open, where he'd often sit, looking out and giving darshan.

Sometimes he would jump around in that room like a monkey in a cage or press his face to the bars. At other times someone would come to the window to see him and he'd just slam the shutters closed.

Once he said, "Oh, its very nice and peaceful here in Kainchi. When you come here, you can really get peace. Shanti milta hai (Peace is found)."

Then a few weeks later some truck went by on the road and he said, "Oh, this kainchi, so noisy- no peace here, ashanti."  He'd gone from shanti to ashanti (not peaceful) in the same place.

Once in the middle of the night at the ashram we were awakened by shouts and the sounds of footsteps. People were running to and fro and lights were going on all over the place. We stuck our heads out the door to discover that Maharajji was up. He wanted rods. Then he screamed, "There's a snake in the Mothers' room !"

And when they went to check it out, what they found there was a rope.

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