Hanuman Chalisa Tutorial Audios

Sing along with Hanuman Chalisa recordings.

There are thousands of pronounciations and melodies associated with the Hanuman Chalisa in India. As examples of Hanuman Chalisa as sung by Maharajji's satsang in India and America, 4 different mp3s are posted here. Example #1 is a recording of the old Hanuman Pujari leading Hanuman Chalisa singing at the Hanuman Temple at Maharajji's ashram in Vrindavan. This Chalisa is an example of the "Bhav" of village Indian singing during morning and evening aarti practice. Examples #2, #3 and #4 are Hanuman Chalisas as led, respectively, by Maharajji's Westerner devotees Geoffrey Gordon, Jai Uttal, and Jai Lakshman.

Listen to Hanuman Chalisa - Led by  Old Hanuman Pujari, Vrindavan

Listen to Hanuman Chalisa - Led by Geoffrey Gordon

Listen to Hanuman Chalisa - Led by Jai Uttal

Listen to Hanuman Chalisa - Led by Krishna Das

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