How Baba Works

NeebKaroribabaMaharajjiMaharajji does not always make life easier for His devotees. Actually, He sometimes makes things quite difficult. 

He challenges the minds of His devotees to again surrender their hearts to their Jivatma souls - indeed, to Him.

Maharajji will "put you through it." That is the only way to say it.

Maharajji is teaching all His devotees. He is teaching you everyday. the lessons are often quite difficult.

The juxtapositions of events are often so different.

It has been said that Maharajji will put ypu in a difficult position or put you totally in the wrong, and then pull you out of it and put you in the reverse position. it seems that "reversal" is a big part of Maharajji's Lila. In this manner of reversals, Maharajji stretches you even further in realizing aspects of life in all directions.

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