It All Abides in Love frontcover 160wIt All Abides in Love
"Perfect for any intermediate-advanced followers of Neem Karoli Baba. It puts a lot of the advanced teaching bluntly and for those who can understand it, that is amazing! I like that it does give it's own guidance on some of the teaching. A lot of book[s] are only stories and leave you to make your own conclusions. This book gives you conclusions that are beyond the material."

He Is Always Here On Earth

If you even partially believe the stories of Neem Karoli Baba, you will come to realize that Maharajji is as alive now as He ever was. The being described in the stories of Maharajji is not capable of dying. He is always here on Earth, in one body or another. Maharajji is "spirit".

It was told to me some years ago, that Maharajji has been on Earth over 2,000 years. He simply "leaves His body" when it gets old, then gets a new one.

Maharajji once said, "The body has to finish." Usha Bahadur narrated that shortly before Maharajji left His body, he said to Usha, "Soon I will get a new body. This body has become very old." Usha laughed. She said that it never occurred to her that Maharajji would actually leave the body.

Just because you cannot "see" Maharajji does not mean He is not there. For those to whom Maharajji is the Guru, He is always felt. Once He has gotten hold of you He is always there with you.

If at any time you do not feel Him, then simply get quiet, calm your mind, cease activities, pull yourself out of the illusion of your day and open to feeling Him there with you, and you will come to realize that He is there.

It's All About You

Everything about Maharajji is to get you in touch with you, to show you who you really are, to bring you into being with your greater Self; your greater You. That greater You is fundamentally Maharajji.

Maharajji would not have even appeared in form if not for the devotees, for His children. he was not here for anything but us - particularly, You.

Maharajji (Atma) and You (Jivatma) are doing what you are doing together in a way only known to you.

You can only surrender to Maharajji and let the rest of it play out.

How Baba Works

NeebKaroribabaMaharajjiMaharajji does not always make life easier for His devotees. Actually, He sometimes makes things quite difficult.

He challenges the minds of His devotees to again surrender their hearts to their Jivatma souls - indeed, to Him.

Maharajji will "put you through it." That is the only way to say it.

Maharajji is teaching all His devotees. He is teaching you everyday. the lessons are often quite difficult.

The juxtapositions of events are often so different.

Baba's Teachings Differ By Devotee

Maharajji said that smoking charas(hashish) or ganja(marijuana) or eating bhang(ingested marijuana) was okay.

There is a story told by a Westerner that is not in any of the books about Maharajji. It tells of a day when there were lots of young Westerners in the ashram. Maharajji called from His tucket to have everyone bring ALL the hashish they had to Him. They dared not hold back or hide any of it because Maharajji knows everything. They brought a huge amount – several softball size balls, thumb size, little finger size, little strands like spaghetti, as well as patties, etc. Wow, kids will be kids.

Maharajji then redistributed these saying to some people “do not smoke” anymore. To some people He said, you should try smoking a little of this. He gave the softball size pieces to some old chillum baba sadhus there. He was like a doctor dispensing herbal medicines.

Maharajji Chooses His Devotees

Maharajji will do whatever it takes to pull His devotees to Him. I recently heard this story in New Delhi. Kabir was living in Almora many kilometres past Kainchi high in the foothills of the Himalayas. He was hanging out with the sadhus and the chillum babas and he didn't like Maharajji.

He referred to Maharajji as a "roadside baba" who who was nothing but a fake.

One day Kabir was bitten by a cobra and was in a life threatening condition. He was brought to Kainchi to Maharajji. Kabir was healed and he never left Maharajji.