Listening to Maharajji

There are so many cases where devotees didn't listen to Maharajji, nor do what Maharajji told them to do. A prime example is the Lila of the water supply at Maharajji's Vrindavan Ashram.

From the very beginning of the ashram, there was a faithful spring that yielded abundant water. This spring provided so much water that the ashram wall had a small room with a window built in the front facing Parikrama Marg for dispensing water to pilgrims who were doing the propitious circumambulation of Vrindavan.

 Maharajji told the devotees to never attempt to drill a well there or the water would stop. After Maharajji left His body, they attempted to drill a well, and of course the water stopped. Now the ashram must use tanker trailers to bring in water that is kept in large tanks beneath the ashram. Is this the fault of someone ? No, not really. Everything is the Lila of Maharajji.

Maharajji told a young western woman, who was with Him in the 70s, to go to America and go to school and get her degree. he told her not to get married and instead focus on her studies. She did the exact opposite. She married and had three children. Subsequently she divorced.

Twenty years later she returned to India with a devotee friend who had also been with Maharajji in the 70s. While there she remembered what Maharajji told her. When she returned to America, she went to university for a number of years and received her PhD. And she became a respected scholar and university professor. The manager of one of Maharajji's ashrams laughingly told me that this young woman had been "absolutely useless" when she first came to Maharajji, but that through His power, Maharajji was able to make her into a capable, responsible, respected member of society.

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