Maharajji - A New Architype

Maharajji’s appearance in form at the beginning of a completely new era of human existence is of supreme importance. Maharajji acts in a spiritual, non-religious, fully realized, super-conscious way in all things, yet He remains a complete renunciate, appearing in the world but unattached to the world. Maharajji exhibits all the power of the Gods of old.

However, Maharajji does not bring to bear powerful armies of soldiers to do battle against the demons as was done by Lord Krishna and Lord Ram. Maharajji has unleashed a small army of benign, often humble “do-gooder” devotees to aid the world, much as Lord Buddha.

In this present time, Maharajji’s devotees have begun to serve in a new era when the human race has empowered itself with so much technology to help in transforming the experience of human life into a truly sublime experience for the people of the future. The human race is filling planet Earth and indeed beginning to venture out toward the planets of our solar system and eventually to the stars. This explosion of technology is also an aspect of the inspiration of Maharajji.

Maharajji is a new role model, a new archetype for humanity. Everything about Maharajji is a Lila of Love. To do murder in Maharajji’s name is unthinkable. Even the causing of strife in Maharajji’s name is unthinkable. Maharajji stands for renunciation. Maharajji epitomizes non-attachment and selfless service to others. Maharajji epitomizes the Love of God, the Love of all that is, all that was, and all that ever will be.

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