Maharajji came IN BODY

When Maharajji was here among us, devotees never knew where to find Him. They had to hunt for Him and follow leads like detectives. Maharajji was really hard to track down. Is He in Vrindavan, or Kainchi, or mathura, or a private home? Where is He ?

Maharajji said that by remembering Him, He would come to you. So, devotees would have magical meetings with him with unlikely synchronicity, unlikely timing. Even if they managed to get to places where Maharajji was certain to be, sometimes Maharajji actually made Himself invisible. Oh My God ! If Maharajji couldn't be seen, how could anyone even know that ? They could know that because Maharajji had people with Him who later reported that He also made them invisible. And actually beyond being invisible, they also could not be heard, although people who were right there could neither see nor hear them. Imagine being the person with Maharajji when Maharajji did that. Would your mind have any frame of reference to explain this ? It must have been much like being on LSD.

Even now we don't know where to find Him, but He is still here somewhere. Maharajji seems likely to have had several bodies in the times when Neem Karoli Baba was very much giving darshan to the satsang. Plus there is the added claim by some of Maharajji's devotees that He is a time traveler.

We were in Vrindavan ashram in perhaps 2010. Hanuman das, Lakshmi, Govinda, Garish from Kainchi, and I believe Satrupa was there, too. After dinner, we were all in one of the rooms upstairs in the back taking chai and hanging out talking about Maharajji. It was lovely relaxing satsang time together. Garish said that during the preceding Kainchi bhandara on June 15th, Maharajji came, IN BODY, to their house across the road from Kainchi Ashram and gave darshan to several people. He further said that he personally had been in the room with Maharajji and had received Maharajji's darshan. We were all totally shocked at this report.

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