Maharajji Chooses His Devotees

Maharajji will do whatever it takes to pull His devotees to Him. I recently heard this story in New Delhi. Kabir was living in Almora many kilometres past Kainchi high in the foothills of the Himalayas. He was hanging out with the sadhus and the chillum babas and he didn't like Maharajji.

He referred to Maharajji as a "roadside baba" who who was nothing but a fake.

One day Kabir was bitten by a cobra and was in a life threatening condition. He was brought to Kainchi to Maharajji. Kabir was healed and he never left Maharajji.

Till this day kabir is one of Maharajji's most beloved and influential devotees. Because of Kabir's excellent grasp of Hindi, he often acted as Maharajji's translator to the English speaking kids who came to Maharajji.

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